“Al margen de Cicerón. Querido amigo”: la recepción de Cicerón en la poesía de Jorge Guillén “Al margen de Cicerón. Querido amigo”: The reception of Cicero’s De amicitia in the poetry by Jorge Guillén

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Gema María Molina Mellado


The poem “Al margen de Cicerón. Querido amigo” by Jorge Guillén (1893-1984) was included in the “Al margen” section of the poetry book Homenaje (1967). This text invites the reader to explore an exciting manifestation of Classical reception in Guillén's poetry. After delving into Cicero’s treatise Lelius or De amicitial, the professor-poet offers a profound reflection on the nature of friendship and the challenges it must confront. Ultimately, Guillén concludes that friendship is one of the most crucial values in human life. Allegedly, the group of poets known as the “Generation of 27” is often referred to as the “generation of friendship”, and Jorge Guillén, as the poet of friendship, shows particular interest in Cicero’s treatment of this subject matter.

Keywords Jorge: Guillén, Cicero, Laelius de amicitia, Classical Reception, intertextuality.


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