Environment, Climate Change, Insecurity and World Peace: A Critical Examination of Selected African Literary Texts Medio ambiente, cambio climático, inseguridad y paz mundial: un examen crítico de textos literarios africanos seleccionados

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Sikiru Adeyemi Ogundokun
Waidi Adewale Akanji Osun


The interest in African literary texts has increased significantly in recent times within the academic community. However, crucial issues such as climate change, environment, insecurity, and world peace have not received adequate attention from scholars, despite their relevance. This study aims to explore these topics in African literary texts of various genres by employing the ecocriticism of selected African texts as a theoretical framework and using content analysis as the primary methodology. The corpus of this study focuses on the works of Ramonu Sanusi (novel Un Nègre a violé une Blonde à Dallas), Niyi Osundare (poem “They Too Are the Earth”), David Rubadiri (poem “African Thundersorm”), and Ahmed Yerima (play Ipomu), all of whom have been selected for sharing the primary objective of this work - to shed light on the environmental realities of modern society by describing the rates of environmental and climate change and their adverse effects on humanity. Moreover, the authors emphasize the need for world peace to ensure global sustainable development. By critically analyzing the African literary texts, this research seeks to contribute to the academic understanding of these significant global issues and the critical role that literature can play in addressing them.

Keywords: African literature, climate change, Environment, Insecurity, World Peace.


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