Proposal of a customized animal welfare protocol for military kennels

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Otavio Augusto Brioschi Soares
Fernanda Ishi
José Luiz Vetorazzo
Felipe Borges Soares
Nivea De Mattos Goes Vieira


The guarantee of animal welfare has been modernly approached in both physical and emotional aspects. The objective of this work was to propose a management protocol that maximizes animal welfare for working dogs, and that takes into account the particularities of Brazilian military institutions, so being able to be implemented more easily. A literature search was conducted and a task force was created to inform the project. After the review, meetings and discussions, the writing of the protocol was finalized. It is divided into eight theoretical and practical prompts, sometimes exemplified. The proposed protocol covers the theoretical proposals on animal welfare found in the literature, in addition to respecting the characteristics and peculiarities of the institutions and military routines in question, which would theoretically facilitate their implementation. After consolidating this proposal, new studies are needed to validate the protocol through its implementation.


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