Last update: 11 December 2020


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If you would like to write a review of one of the following books, contact the editors at the following email address:


1. History of Philosophy and Science


a. Greek and Roman philosophy and science

David Conan Wolfsdorf, Early Greek Ethics (OUP, 2020), website.

Matthew Duncombe, Ancient Relativity. Plato, Aristotle, Stoics, and Sceptics (OUP, 2020), website.

John Sallis, Chorology. On Beginning in Plato's Timaeus The Collected Writings of John Sallis (Indiana University Press, 2020), website.

Christof Rapp and Oliver Primavesi, Aristotle's De motu animalium (OUP, 2020), website.

Barnaby Taylor, Lucretius and the Language of Nature (OUP, 2020), website.

Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides and Ken Parry (eds.), Eastern Christianity and Late Antique Philosophy (Brill, 2020), website.


b. Islamicate philosophy and science

José Martínez Delgado, Kitāb al-mustalḥaq by Ibn Ǧanāḥ of Cordoba (Brill, 2020), website.

Rene M Paddags, Waseem El-Rayes, and Gregory A. McBrayer (eds.), The Pilgrimage of Philosophy: A Festschrift for Charles E. Butterworth (St. Augustine’s Press, 2019), website.

Ofer Elior, Gad Freudenthal, and David Wirmer (eds.), Gersonides' Afterlife: Studies on the Reception of Levi ben Gerson’s Philosophical, Halakhic and Scientific Oeuvre in the 14th through 20th Centuries (Brill, 2020), website.

Gerrit R. Bos, A Concise Dictionary of Novel Medical and General Hebrew Terminology from the Middle Ages (Brill, 2019) website


c. Medieval Latin philosophy and science

Irene Zavattero (ed.), L'uomo nel pensiero di Bonaventura da Bagnoregio (Aracne, 2019) website 

Arnaldus de Villanova, Opera Medica Omnia vol. XIII. Rústica. Speculum medicine (UB, 2019) website

José Filipe Silva, Robert Kilwardby (OUP, 2020), website.

William Of Ockham, Dialogus Part 1, Books 1-5, ed. John Kilcullen and John Scott (BA/OUP, 2020), website.

Joël Biard and Aurélien Robert (eds.), La philosophie de Blaise de Parme. Physique, psychologie, éthique (SISMEL, 2019) website

Emmanuele Vimercati and Valentina Zaffino (eds.), Nicholas of Cusa and the Aristotelian Tradition: A Philosophical and Theological Survey (De Gruyter, 2020), website.

Matthew S. Champion, Serena Masolini, C. Philipp E. Nothaft (eds.), Peter de Rivo on Chronology and the Calendar (Leuven University Press, 2020), website.

T. Willard (ed.), Reading the Natural World in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Brepols, 2020), website.

Martín González Fernández et al. (eds.), Filosofía de la amistad. De amicitia: amistad en la filosofía medieval & de inicios de la modernidad. Homenaxe ao professor César L. Raña Dafonte (Húmus, 2020), website.

Manuel Lázaro Pulido, Francisco León Florido, Vicente Llanas Roig (eds.), Pensar la edad media cristiana: espacios de la filosofía medieval – Córdoba, Toledo, París (Sindéresis, 2020), website.

Pascale Bermon and Isabelle Moulin (eds.), Commenter au Moyen Âge (Vrin, 2020), website.

Celina Lértora de Mendoza and Susana B. Violante (eds.), Temas y problemas de la filosofía medieval: Miscelánea (Buenos Aires, 2019), website.


d. Early-modern philosophy and science

[Manuel de Góis], Curso Aristotélico Jesuíta Conimbricense. Tomo I, Comentários aos Livros Denominados ‘Parva Naturalia’, ed. Sebastião Tavares de Pinho e Marina Fernandes. (Coimbra University Press, 2020), website.

[Manuel de Góis], Curso Aristotélico Jesuíta Conimbricense. Tomo II, Disputas do curso conimbricense sobre os livros das Éticas de Aristóteles a Nicómaco, ed. Mário Santiago de Carvalho & Sebastião Tavares de Pinho (Coimbra University Press, 2020), website.

Mário Santiago de Carvalho, Dicionário do Curso Filosófico Conimbricense (Palimage, 2020), website.

Susan James, Spinoza on Learning to Live Together (OUP, 2020), website.

Pedro Aullón de Haro and Davide Mombelli, Introduction to the Spanish Universalist School. Enlightened Culture and Education versus Politics (Brill, 2020), website.

Abel Aravena Zamora, Comentarios “Acerca del alma” según la doctrina del Doctor Sutil Duns Escoto, por fray Juan de Fuica (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2020), website.

Anik Waldow, Experience Embodied. Early Modern Accounts of the Human Place in Nature (OUP, 2020), website.


2. Philosophy


David Glick, George Darby, and Anna Marmodoro (eds.), The Foundation of Reality: Fundamentality, Space, and Time (OUP, 2020), website.

Jan Westerhoff, The Non-Existence of the Real World (OUP, 2020), website.

Mark C. Taylor, Seeing Silence (University of Chicago Press, 2020), website.

Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir and Ruth Edith Hagengruber (eds.), Methodological Reflections on Women’s Contribution and Influence in the History of Philosophy (Springer, 2020), website.


3. Intellectual history


Ross Shepard Kraemer, The Mediterranean Diaspora in Late Antiquity (OUP, 2020), website.

Jacqueline Hamesse, María-José Muñoz Jiménez, and Chris L. Nighman (eds.), New Perspectives on Thomas of Ireland’s Manipulus florum / Nouvelles perspectives sur le Manipulus florum de Thomas d’Irlande (PIMS, 2019), website.

Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Julia Haig Gaisser and James Hankins (eds.), Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum, Volume XIII (PIMS, 2020), website.

K. Kogman-Appel, Catalan Maps and Jewish Books. The Intellectual Profile of Elisha ben Abraham Cresques (1325-1387) (Brepols, 2020), website.

Jesus R. Velasco, Dead Voice. Law, Philosophy, and Fiction in the Iberian Middle Ages (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020), website.

Michelle Bolduc, Translation and the Rediscovery of Rhetoric (PIMS, 2020), website.

A. Sciancalepore (ed.), Corps hybrides aux frontières de l’humain au Moyen Âge (Brepols, 2020), website.

Krijn Pansters (ed.), A Companion to Medieval Rules and Customaries (Brill, 2020), website.

Joanne Parker and Corinna Wagner, The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism (OUP, 2020), website.


4. Academia and Beyond


C. Boyle, J. Anderson, A. Page, and S. Mavropoulou (eds.), Inclusive Education: Global Issues and Controversies (Brill, 2020), website.

Lise Claiborne and Vishalache Balakrishnan, Moving towards Inclusive Education. Diverse National Engagements with Paradoxes of Policy and Practice (Brill, 2020), website.

Francisco Salgado Robles and Edwin Lamboy (eds.), Spanish across Domains in the United States. Education, Public Space, and Social Media (Brill, 2020), website.