1st International Conference on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility

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Mariona Sabaté Carrové


The inaugural TRADIT23 conference, organized by the TRADIT (i.e., Traducción Audiovisual Didáctica, in English Didactic Audiovisual Translation) research group and members of the TRADILEX project (i.e. TRADucción audiovisual como recurso DIdáctico en el aprendizaje de Lenguas EXtranjeras), took place on March 23rd and 24th, 2023. Pre-conference workshops were also held on March 22nd. This ground-breaking international event focused on the practical applications of revoicing and subtitling in L2 (i.e. second language) education settings. With a diverse range of topics explored, including language awareness through DAT (i.e., Didactic Audiovisual Translation), didactic media accessibility, videogames in DAT, multimodality and intermediality, accessibility in performing arts and museums, DAT for specific purposes, didactic revoicing, and gender and ethnicity in DAT, the conference attracted 150 participants, including organizers, speakers, both online and onsite attendees, and collaborators, all actively contributing to the discussions.


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Sabaté Carrové, M. (2023). 1st International Conference on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. Transletters. International Journal of Translation and Interpreting, 2(7). https://doi.org/10.21071/tlijti.v2i7.16273
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