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  • Have you stuck to the article length specified in the journal’s instructions for authors?
    Have you included an abstract and keywords, highlighting your article’s key points?
    Is your article formatted to the style required by the journal?
    Are all references made to the literature included in your references section?
    Have you followed all the required publishing and research ethical guidelines?

1. Length

The papers should not be over 8000 words using 12 Garamond.

Abstracts should not be over 100 words, and Key Words must include 5 words.

2. Style Sheet

All papers must follow the Style Sheet available for Transletters.

3. Quotation of books, editions and periodical articles

Harvard Referencing System should be used.

When citing within the text, the author’s surname and the year of publication must be included:

  • Example 1: Recording personal achievements can be used a reflective tool and can help an individual identify their own skills and expertise (Cottrell, 2015).
  • Example 2: Cottrell (2015) suggests that recording personal achievements can be used as a reflective tool and can help an individual identify their own skills and expertise.

In-text direct quotes must include the name of author, year of publication and page.

  • Example: The purpose of translation is to reconstitute “the foreign text in accordance with the values, beliefs and representations” (Venuti, 2008: 13).

When quoting a book which has been translated the name of the translator must appear. A book with no publication place specified must be cited as s.l. (= sine loco) and with no date as s.d. (= sine dato).

All sources that have been mentioned in the main text need to be listed, alphabetically, in the referencing section using the Harvard Referencing System.

* Examples of quotations:

Book (1 author): Newmark, P. (1991): About translation. Clevedon, Multilingual Matters.

Book (2 or more authors): Lightbown, P. and Spada, N. (1993) How languages are learned. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Edited book: Marínez Sierra, J. and Zabalbeascoa Terrán, P. (eds.) (2017) The translation of humour. La traducción del humor. 1st ed., Universitat D’Alacant: MonTI.

Chapter from an edited book: Dickson, D. (2006) ‘Reflecting.’ In Hargie, O. (ed.) The handbook of communication skills. 3rd ed., London: Routledge, pp. 165-194.

Translated book: Siohan, R. (1959) Stravinsky. Translated by E. W. White, 1965. London: Calder and Boyars Ltd.

Journal article: Mar, R., DeYoung, C., Higgins, D. and Peterson, J. (2006) ‘Self-liking and self-competence separate self-evaluation from self-deception: associations with personality, ability, and achievement.’ Journal of Personality, 74(4) pp. 1047-1078.

Online journal article: Orero, Pilar (2017) ‘The professional profile of the expert in media accessibility for the scenic arts.’ Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione RIIT, 19 , pp. 143-161. [Online] [Accesssed on 18th November 2017] DOI 10.13137/2421-6763/13662 (or) https://www.openstarts.units.it/handle/10077/17356

Movie: La La Land. (2016) Directed by D. Chazelle. [Film] USA: Summit Entertainment.

DVD: La ciudad de las estrellas. La La Land. (2016) Directed by D. Chazelle. [DVD] España: Universal Pictures International Ltd.

Movie accessed online: Slumdog Millionaire. (2008) Directed by D. Boyle. and L. Tandan. [Online] Available through Netflix. [Accessed on 3rd October 2016]