Key issues in medical translation among English-Vietnamese professional medical translators and medical professionals A descriptive survey

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Lan Bao Hoang


While Kościałkowska-Okońska (2008), Muñoz-Miquel (2018), Badziński (2018) and Badziński (2019) indicated major issues in medical translation such as specialized terminology and inequivalences, in Vietnamese context, until the end of 2020, there was no research relating to specialized translation (Hoang, 2020). The aim of the study is thus to analyze problems in English-Vietnamese medical translation by medical translators and medical professionals. A survey questionnaire with further comments is used to understand key problems in medical translation. The paper discusses key position of some other problematic issues besides collocations that differs from Badziński (2019) results. A comparison with existing literature is fully incorporated as well.


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Lan Bao Hoang, Medical Eduation Research Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Hoang Bao Lan is a professional freelance translator and currently also working as a research assistant at Medical Education Research Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. He has an M.A in Language Studies with an emphasis in Intercultural Communication at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan (2020) and a B.A in English with an emphasis on Translation Studies (2015). His research interests include translation studies, discourse analysis, corpus-based linguistics and humanities-interdisciplinary. He can be reached at