Tourism Translation in the Light of Eco-translatology and Existing Translation Theories

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Mingshu Liu


The aim of this paper is to introduce the concept of Eco-translatology raised by Gengshen Hu (2013) and reveal its relationships with the following translation theories: Michael Cronin’s (2017) eco-translation, the Polysystem theory developed by Even-Zohar (1990) and Toury (1995), contextual dimensions proposed by Hatim and Mason (1990), and functional approaches studied by Reiss & Vermeer (1984) and Christiane Nord (1991/2005). These different approaches are then adopted to analyze Spain's official tourism website about Cordoba in the Spanish language and its translation into Chinese. Through comparison, we find that despite the similarities, the main difference between Hu and other Western translation theories is the subject of study. For Hu, it is the translator, and for the analyzed Western scholars, it is the translated text.


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